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Get the SchoolAtomic App and put your school newspaper into the hands of students…

FOR SCHOOLS: Safe & Affordable

  • Editorial control – Your school establishes the rules
  • No data collected, privacy assured
  • Publish approved posts only
  • Free App downloads

FOR KIDS: Simplify Student Reporting

  • Instant notification – Reach kids digitally
  • Automated layouts – No more printing!
  • Centralized control – Everything you need in one app

FOR COMMUNITY: Strengthen Local News

  • Collaborate with your local newspaper
  • Build community – Get everybody reading!
  • Read and support students’ exercise of the first amendment

Why SchoolAtomic?

Free Downloads

SchoolAtomic brings the power of journalism into the hands of each student through a single download – for free!

Trusted Sources

Get rid of the Facebook rumor mill and provide students, and parents, with a safe haven for local news they can trust.

Instant Information

Spread the word – fast. Schools can also use the app to streamline delivery of safety warnings, news bulletins, schedule changes and more.

Customize Your SchoolAtomic App

Your School / Your App

  • Every screen is branded with your school logo
  • Use your school colors for your posting background
  • There is no set schedule, you decide what and when you post.

Additional Features

  • Post Slideshows and Videos
  • Schedule Stories
  • Categorize News and Opinion
  • Moderate Comments
  • Submit News Tips
  • Get Instant Alerts
  • Like/Dislike and Share stories
  • Search posts

How SchoolAtomic Works

For Students

  • Snap pics from your phone
  • Write any-sized posts – No character limits!
  • Send content to editor/advisor

For Editors/Advisors

  • Hear student ideas/assign stories
  • Edit content
  • Schedule posts
  • Moderate comments

For Readers

  • Get Notifications
  • Like/Dislike
  • Share through Text, Email…
  • Leave a comment
  • Search all posts

Download Our Flagship App

The Devil’s Advocate

Ellenville High School
Ellenville, NY

SchoolAtomic’s flagship student journalism app, Devil’s Advocate, is run by a crew of seven to ten dedicated Ellenville High School student journalists that are passionate about reporting what happens in their school. The kids meet once a month to hash out story ideas, guided by a student editor and two adult advisers who volunteer their time. They post one story for every day that school is in session, ranging from a picture and a couple sentences, to feature-length investigative pieces.